Make your bathrooms a safer place

Senior friendly showers

One of the least safe parts of showering is getting in and out of the shower. Our professionals can help you design showers without any steps with safety grab bars and shower seats

Walk-in tub inserts

Instead of replacing your conventional bathtub we can convert it into a walk-in tub with your existing bathtub. These come in different designs one with a door to still keep use as a tub or just a walk-in. Stay relaxed and safe with our custom designed walk-in tubs

Accessible Faucet and Shower Controls

Keeping your bathroom safe and accessible means maintaining control, Our professional installers can install Faucet and shower controls that are easy to use for people of all ages and abilities

Accessible Sinks

Our professionals can install sinks that will be easily accessible to people in wheel chairs or with other disabilities. We’ll make sure that these sinks are compliant with ADA standards ,and we’ll guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work.

Accessible Toilets

Senior friendly handicap accessible toilets are designed at a height that is comfortable and easy to sit on. These toilets are designed to be safe and accessible, and our professionals will work with you to select the perfect accessible toilets for you and your home. After you’ve made your selection, we’ll provide you with a high quality installation.

Enlarge Doorways

If you or anyone in your home uses a wheelchair or a walker, you may need to enlarge the door way to the bathroom to make it more accessible . Our professional remodelers can help you enlarge your bathroom entryway to ensure it is safe and easy to enter your bathroom.

Grab bars

Grab bars can enhance safety and provide further assistance to individuals of all ages and abilities. Our professional installers can install grab bars by the toilet, in the tub, or in any other transitional locations in the bathroom to make it more accessible and easier to live in .

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